Leaving the UK

Are you leaving the UK, or left within the last 4 tax years?

You could be owed hundreds if not thousands of pounds in overpaid tax by HMRC.

Just think how it could help you financially in your new home.

If you have paid income tax in the UK within the last 4 tax years and you intend to be outside the country for at least 3 months or will not be returning during the tax year in which you left. Them its likely you left behind a small fortune in the hands of the UK tax man.

We have helped thousands of foreign national who worked in the UK weather on secondment or not. Even British Citizens simply leaving to start a new life in a new country, to claim back the overpaid tax they were owed.  Many of our clients emigrated or returned to India; Australia; New Zealand; South Africa; France; Italy; Spain; Poland; USA; Canada; etc.

If you are leaving the UK, or you already left after 5th April 2010, you are still fully entitled to claim your tax back for the last 4 years. As your employment would have ended in the course of a tax year, the chances are that you would actually be due a large tax refund.


Claim all your tax back when you're leaving the UK for good.

We will help you with your tax claims throughout the UK.

Get back what's yours even after you've left the UK! Let Taxo take care of your tax claims when you are leaving the UK.