Business Mileage

Have you been loosing money by not claiming back what your fully entitle to?

If your using your own car for work purposes then you should be claiming back the full 45p per business miles. This is to cover the cost of fuel for your vehicle which you can claim back from HM Revenue & Customs for the last 4 tax years.

Mileage rebate is one of HMRC’s best kept secrets. Through a car mileage rebate you could secure a refund from HMRC worth £1000s. HMRC don’t actively publicise it, and why would they want to? The average mileage claim refund to our client is £3,790. if you want to take on the hurdles lead down by HMRC. Then be prepared to loose a lot of time and effort researching the process to then tackle the minefield of a self assessment tax return (one for each year) and hope you’ve completed them correctly. Then all the best of luck to you.

However, during the research process you’ll probably get fed-up and bin the lot. STOP, this is where Taxo comes in. With our Knowledge and experience we will take the strain away leaving you with the lighter strain of thinking how to spend you refund. Oh, and we put it straight in to your bank account.

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